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Live a Bold Life: 
Your 30-Day Mission to a Fearless Future
"What have I gotten myself into?"  was the question that kept going through my mind.  I'd just moved to France and that voice of self-doubt, which I'd thought I'd conquered, was rearing it's ugly head.

I'd accomplished a lot before I took this leap of faith.  I'd lost 75 pounds. I'd become a certified life coach. I'd even published a book. But quitting my stable job to live in France on a whim, didn't seem to make much sense, after the fact.  How would I manage to survive?

Live a Bold Life: Your 30-Day Mission to a Fearless Future recounts my first year in France - the fears I faced, the insights I gained,  and the strength I mustered tapping into my faith, writing, and the power of positive affirmations.

When you experience Live a Bold Life, you'll gain new perspectives and rekindle your long lost dreams. In the process, you will create your own Intuitive Affirmations to guide you and give you the strength to live your own bold life, with joy and  purpose.
Read One Chapter a Day
Respond to the Writing Prompts
Design Your Own Intuitive Affirmations
So you can face your future fearlessly and live the bold life you were born to live!
Growing Bold: 
How To Overcome Fear, Build Confidence, and Love the Life You Live
"What's happening to me?"   I had been a painfully shy child. I had been a young adult desperate to fit in. And, I considered myself to be a homebody. So how was it that I could now make a speech to a room full of  strangers,   travel internationally alone, and find the confidence to lose 75 pounds?

I wasn't quite sure at first blush. This  led me to unpack what had transpired in my life that could allow me to make such incredibly freeing changes in my life.  The answers can be found on the pages  of Growing Bold: How to Overcome Fear, Build Confidence, and Love the Life You Life.
You'll learn the three catalysts for courage and how to use them to make lasting changes in your life so that you can Love the Life You Live.
Three Catalysts for Courage
Setting Meaningful Goals
Shifting Your Perspectives
Building Self-confidence
About Patricia C. Brooks
Patricia started her business with a simple goal: to share her philosophy that "life doesn't have to be a struggle" and to help others work toward and live fully engaged lives, unafraid to challenge the status quo and do things they only ever dreamed before. Over the last several years, through the practice of self-discipline and awareness, she has come to know that this is possible.
Her approach is based on three fundamentals outlined in her book, Growing Bold: How to Overcome Fear, Build Confidence, and Love the Life you Live – Goal Setting, Mindset Shifting, and Confidence Building. Patricia thoroughly enjoys helping her clients move out of their comfort zones and into fully experiencing their lives, during one-on-one and group coaching sessions.
She earned her Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) credentials from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). Patricia loves helping people see things differently, so they can do things differently and experience bold, exciting new things. This education has increased her ability to help people get from where they are to where they want to be.
Patricia recently left a corporate project management job to pursue her coaching, speaking, and writing career full-time. She is the host the Discovering Courage Podcast where, weekly, she explores how ordinary people have gotten clear on the non-negotiables in their lives and are now living lives filled with purpose and passion. Patricia is walking the talk and currently living in the South of France, pursuing her dreams.
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